Parco giochi a S.Giacomo di Roburent

Con mrsarchitetti (Luca Mori, Maura Rossi, Francesco Salvagno) ho progettato il nuovo parco giochi di San giacomo di Roburent. Il progetto prevede la realizzazione di una parete di arrampicata e l’installazione di diversi giochi destinati a diverse fasce di età: … Continue reading

MSC Fantasia Lobbies

realized: 2008 (MSC Fantasia) / 2009 (MSC Splendida) / 2011 (MSC Divina) in collaboration with De Jorio Design International

Sound Sculptures

realized in 2012 for MSC Divina Garden Pool (an infinity pool) in collaboration with De Jorio Design International and Garvan Acoustics

MSC Fantasia – Lido Catalano

realized: 2008 (MSC Fantasia) / 2009 (MSC Splendida) in collaboration with De Jorio Design International Una piscina ispirata al Parc Guell di Gaudì.

Museo Archeologico di Zignago

An Archaeological Society commissioned me the architectural project for a didactic exhibition inside an elementary school in Zignago (La Spezia, Italy). I worked with the collaboration of arch. G.Goretti. The project was under the supervision of University of Genoa. Our … Continue reading

Segno & Immagine

In 1998 my images elaborated for a website were selected in a graphic design competition and exhibited at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa.

Bbella (A Cardboard Chaise Longue)

  In 2003 I have developed in team with Gianluca Goretti a proposal for a cardboard chaise-longue entirely built in recycled cardboard tubes (belonging from plotter paper packagings). We have realized a real scale model.


In time I have made on my own several projects and sperimentations in furniture design…


In 1999 I designed a brochure and several advertising posters for Telema s.r.l. (no more existing).