luca mori

via Fieschi 18/56 – 16121 Genova (Italy)
Cell: 3492881220

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Interior Design for luxury cruise ships and cruise ferries


University of Genoa - Faculty of Architecture

Score: full marks



Cruise ship space and structure deep knowledge
Public areas functional layout elaboration
Concept elaboration, sketching, very good hand drawing illustration technique
Photography and modeling
Furniture detail design

Project Management

Team work coordination
Suppliers/Outfitters coordination
Time management
Promotion and communication planning


Web design (Html – CSS – Javascript – Wordpress - Flash)
CAD 2D and 3D (Microstation, Autocad, Rhinoceros, 3D Studio)
Digital Illustration (Adobe Photoshop – Adobe Illustrator)
Desktop Publishing (QuarkXPress – Adobe In Design)
Desktop Office (Microsoft Office and Open Office - Windows and Macintosh)


First language: Italian
English (conversational): very good
English (written): very good


De Jorio Design InternationalSenior Architect - 1999/present

  • Architectural concept and ship refurbishment consulting
  • Ship owner support in materials and finishings choice
  • Coordination of yard and contractors
  • Supervision on site of quality and design conformity

Mrsarchitetti Associate Architect - 2011/present

  • Playground Park in S.Giacomo di Roburent, Cuneo, Italy
  • Preliminary, Definitive and Executive Design
    Building site supervision

Sibilla Associati Architect - 1997/1999

  • Collaboration in public architecture projects:
  • Hospitals and education buildings

Frigerio Design GroupArchitect - 1995/1997

  • Bank branch offices interior & exterior design
  • International architecture competitions

Renzo Piano BWStage - 1995

  • Rome Auditorium study modeling
  • Stuttgart Mercedes Benz Design Center study modeling

Milan Politecnico - Faculty of Design
Laboratorio LuceTeacher - Milan, Italy 2012

  • Workshop - LED Lighting Design in Hotels and Cruise Ships 2012
  • Led Lighting in the Lounge Bar

IUAV N+Y '12
Master in Yacht + Cruise Ship DesignTeacher - Venice, Italy 2009/2012

  • Workshop - Cruise Ship Interiors Design

University of Genoa
Teacher Assistant - Genoa, Italy 2009Faculty of Architecture

  • Industrial Design Course - Naval Design
  • Cruise Ship Interior Design course (arch. G. de Jorio)

University of Genoa
Faculty of Architecture
Teacher Assistant - Genoa, Italy 2006

  • Postgraduate Master in Yacht and Cruise Ship Design
  • (arch. G. de Jorio)

University of Genoa
Faculty of ArchitectureTutor - Genoa, Italy 2000

  • Architectural Design Lab
  • (Prof. Arch. E.D.Bona)

University of Genoa
Faculty of ArchitectureTutor - Genoa, Italy 1994

  • Tutoring in Architectural Design Course (Prof. R. Semino)
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